Choose: Limited edition of 300, 40" x 40" (same size as original), signed and numbered giclee on canvas. Canvas is hand finished. $3500.00

Limited edition of 300, 28" x 28" (about half the size of the original), signed and numbered giclee on paper. $425.00

"Still I Rise" is next in line after "The Journey".  Even though they were created decades apart, I wanted to give a "next step" to the man lying on the beach who'd been through whatever it was life had thrown his way. 

We are STILL demanding the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Believe this: after all we've been through as a race of people; after all the racism, segregation, castigation, incarceration, premeditation and hateration...each and every one of us can say "STILL I RISE".


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