Signed, lithograph on paper large is 18" x 38" and the mini-print is 17" x 8".  A hand-finished, signed color giclee on canvas or on paper is available, 22" x 42", in an edition of 50. A hand-finished, signed black and white giclee on canvas or paper is available, 24' x 45" in an edition of 50. Email for pricing.

"He Ain't Heavy" is officially the longest selling, most recognized work of art in black art history. It has been featured in movies and on television. I have many photos from folk who have tattooed it on their bodies. Organizations, companies, and individuals have asked for limited licenses to use "He Ain't Heavy" to promote what they are doing. It has become a symbol for social responsibility.

I created it to express this idea: Whoever you are, wherever you are in life, you have the ability to reach back and help someone else.  You are obligated to do it.  

I am so very proud to have created this image more than 43 years ago now.  Children who grew up with this hanging on the walls of their home are now ordering lithographs for their own homes. He Ain't Heavy has become the trademark of my artistic career and I am so very grateful. Thank you all. 

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