"History + Hope = Change" is offered FRAMED! The 16" x 20 print comes matted and presented in a dark brown oak wood frame  for ONE price, an amazing $440, ready to hang!  

I was asked to create this piece for one of Barack Obama's meet-and-greet events in Cincinnati, Ohio just before he was sworn in as President.  My cousin, Mark Mallory, was mayor of Cincinnati, and we stood last in line to meet Obama.  When it was my turn, I presented my business card with "He Ain't Heavy" on it, and Obama asked if I was the one who created it. When I told him I was, our soon to be first African American President of the United States of America (yes I was proud) said to me, "you're a legend".   WOW.  This portrait was unveiled and I asked Obama if I could sign it with him standing in the photo with me.  He took the marker from me and he bent and signed the piece first!!!!  

According to Sotheby's and Christie's auction houses, there are no other painted portraits of ANY US president that are signed by the subject. You have an opportunity to acquire one for your own collection or to give as a very special gift.

This piece captures history many times over.  It shows the first black president.  It shows the first two-term black president. It is signed by the subject. And it is truly one of a kind.  

Since Obama signed the original art, his signature appears on the posters and the prints.  You won't find any other portrait of Obama with an authentic signature. 

I'm proud to say the original will remain one of our family's greatest treasures.

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